Oppenheimer Drive, for now, is my personal musings during my stay in Los Alamos New Mexico as a student of the 2017 Los Alamos Dynamics Summer School. Given the distance from family and friends, and the relative isolation of the community, it is my hope to document my experiences here and pontificate a bit on my faith and lifestyle. Most of all Oppenheimer Drive is being put to use to help fill the creative writing void that comes from being a mechanical engineer and as a coping method for the probable moments of anxiety and depression that might ensue over the summer.  I also love telling stories and I might publish a few from my past on here as well.

I will do my best to keep my writing lighter than heavier, but I make no promises. Also there is a good chance the content won’t be extremely well edited so don’t be offended by that either. Bottom line enter at your own risk, I promise that all content will be appropriate, and that all ideas our purely my own and do not represent any organization I am affiliated with.

If you like something you read, feel free to share it with others, comment, or personally reach out to me if you have any feedback.

As an aside, the name, Oppenheimer Drive, is the name of a road here in Los Alamos (one of the homes of the Manhattan Project) that I noticed on my first drive into town. The other big road around here is Trinity, but the matrix ruined that one so I stuck with my first choice.

-Tyrel Rupp, June 2017